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I highly recommend you get personal references for each of these individuals. You should interview them just as you would interview a prospective employee.  Note; Expertise or quality does not necessarily mean the length of time in a business or profession, but the time, effort and care that one puts into each assignment. 

1) Attorney: May not need one for the purchase of your home but they are helpful to have in case a need arises.

2) Accountant – Financial Advisor:  May not need a professional, however, at least get advice from someone you trust or do research to help with making the correct financial decisions. Real Estate is an investment.

3) Real Estate Agent: Find an agent with expertise. An agent will help to locate properties that are listed for sale with your needs and represent you when purchasing your home.

4) Mortgage Company – Loan Officer: Find at least three different sources for your mortgage to insure you get the best program, pricing and rate. Have good faith estimates prepared.

5) Insurance Agent: If you have an agent that handles homeowners insurance check with them first. However, it is also nice to shop. Know that having all insurance at one company can save money.

6) Home Inspector: If you are purchasing an older home it is wise to have a professional check the home. Make sure the inspector has a good background and practical field experience.

7) Appraisal – Appraiser: The appraisal is ordered through an appraisal management company or a separate division of a mortgage company. However, you should review the appraisal.

8 Title: Title is ordered through the mortgage company or real estate agent. However, you have the right to choose. Differences in costs can be significant. Highly recommend getting title insurance.


Ask yourself these questions
What needs do we have? (Define your needs and wants in a Home – Make a List) Bedrooms, Baths, Garage, Kitchen Area, Living Area, Dining Area, Storage, Yard, Amenities, etc.
What design/style, size of home do we want?
Where do we want to live? (such: as a particular school district or close to public transportation, etc) Make a list.
What can we afford? Create a budget (Do not forget expenses for maintenance on a home) Ask family and friends about costs.
After you have completed these items, stick with your plan and find the best house at your price. Once you start looking stay true to the needs and parameters you have set. Don’t be disappointed that it takes time and do not rush into a decision.
Your next step will to find professionals to help you with your purchase and future needs

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